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About Independent Radio Access

What we do, and why we do it

Independent Radio Access works to educate and entertain the public over the Internet with music which is artistically deserving, yet commercially underrepresented. We do this by streaming qualified members radio programming on the Internet. Qualified radio programming may be sourced from either commercial or non-profit stations, provided that the programming fits the following criteria according to the judgment of the Executive Director, if any, otherwise the Board of Directors:

  1. The radio programming must be a simulcast of the over-the-air signal of an FCC licensed radio AM/FM station.
  2. The station sourcing programming agrees to license all relevant songwriting royalties for streaming (ASCAP, BMI, etc.).
  3. The radio programming must be primarily music-oriented.
  4. The majority of music in the radio programming must be from commercially under-represented and/or independent artists. This includes but is not limited to artists who are either currently or historically under-represented in commercial radio due to race, gender, sexual orientation, national origin, language, or artistic form (e.g. music genre).
  5. Streaming of the programming on the Internet by the source radio station must be deemed to be otherwise financially non-viable for the station itself due either to the local nature of the station’s revenue stream and/or the diverse nature of the program content.
  6. Streaming through Independent Radio Access must provide little or no financial benefit to the source station in addition to the benefit already received from broadcasting said content on the station’s own over-the-air signal. However, the station may perform fundraising from online listeners and advertising to the extent that revenue covers the membership fee that Independent Radio Access may charge to participate.

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